Slowly :

I had to sit alone under the open window. A light breeze which usually crowded, suddenly quiet. And that worries me. From a distance came the sound of fallen trees. That means no more cold air.

I was felt so lonely. Clueless. Speechless. In fact, many people around me. But. i don't have any place to spread out my words. The originally greeny has been dissappeared. Rice fields too. I've been losing a lots of place.

Feeling no hard. Plain and fully empty.

I was too scared him away. If he wasn't here, how I can continue my life? With him here, I've felt safe. For now I have a lot of patience. He was there, I'm here. Separated by the distance of two provinces.

I miss him :

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Bunga 27 Maret 2010 10.30  

It's hard to develop a heavy long distance relationship. But we never know whether it can reach to the top.
Just have a fun situation then still continue your future life.

Cheers, bunga.

Nida Fauzia 28 Maret 2010 09.05  

Yes, I'll

Thats the first thing I said to him, when we make a decision to have LDR for many years..

And I enjoyed this after 2 years..

We'll have to reach the top in the end of this year :-)

Pray for us yaa..